One panel, many stores

  • Full Multi-Shop mode in CS-Cart, each store with seperate categories and products
  • Visual editior that allows you to change everything on your store
  • Mobile store, dedicated mobile app to manage orders
  • Products features, advanced filtring, filtring by price
  • Products options, options combinations, seperate inventories for each product variant
  • 26 bulit-in translations, commenting and rating products, cloud searching
  • Advanced discount system, flexible promotion managing

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One marketplace, multiple vendors

  • Separate panels for vendors in Multi-Vendor, each vendor manages its own products
  • Separate mini-store for each vendor with products and information about vendor
  • Unlimited vendor account, your business can gron infinetely
  • Each vendor has assigned plan that defines commision, amount of products, transaction charges
  • Tracking vendor withdrawals, easy commision managing, transparent finances
  • Moderate vendors products, vendors can create their own shipping methods
  • One cart with vendors products, one payment, each vendor sees his order part

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You have absolute control over the shop

Recommended addon


Blocking tabs and parts of page editing

Extension for Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor Plus, Multi-Vendor Ultimate, CS-Cart, CS-Cart Ultimate allows blocking access to any part of product edition, for any administrator in store.

  • Works with Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor Plus, Multi-Vendor Ultimate, CS-Cart, CS-Cart Ultimate
  • Blocking works in products, orders and main dashboard of the store
  • 11 pre-defined product tabs which can be blocked
  • Ability to add custom tab to block
  • Set blocking rules separately for each vendor administrator
  • Over 40 different fields to disable in product edition
  • Flexibility and ease of managing blocking rules
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Most important Multi-Vendor/CS-Cart functions

Visual graphic editor

Using built-in graphic editor, in one place you can change shop background, fonts, colors. Choose one pre-made graphic theme or project your own shop in unique style. No need to use HTML or CSS!

Powerful SEO tools

CS-Cart uses all required and modern tools, to be visible in global network: configureable SEO names, meta tags, site map, redirects 301, canonical URL addresses, Google support and much more.


You can connect shop with internet site, WordPress blog or Facebook by simple copy-paste code. With CS-Cart multi-channel sale is simpler than ever!

Theme manager

CS-Cart contains built-in theme manager, that uses blocks to organize site content through simple mechanism “drag and drop”. Editor makes easier to create dynamical layout for sites with constant widths and responsive.

Over 80 payment systems and shipping methods!


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Internet stores, internet marketplace

We are company, that since 10 years is specialised in selling professional e-commerce software . We have a wide offer of products that were created by Simtech company. Our offer has two main softwares: CS-Cart - multi-shop internet store and Multi-Vendor - marketplace software and woocommerce. Internet store is an excellent idea for your own business with high income, and Multi-Vendor allows you to open your own internet marketplace. Check out our offer and open your own lucrative business.

CS-Cart software

Internet store that is multishop type allows you to open unlimited number of stores managed from one administration panel. Each store can have separate products, category tree, graphics and can have its own internet address. Products can be shared between stores or each store can have separate products.

Multi-Vendor software

Internet marketplace that is marketplace type allows you to create store with independent vendors. Multi-Vendor as a woocommerce software allows you to sell products via unlimited number of sellers, gives separate panel for each vendor, selling plans for vendors in marketplace, commenting and rating vendors products.