Multi-Vendor i CS-Cart 4.13.1

June 20, 2021

Version 4.13.1 comes with Multi-Vendor workflow improvements and refactored user review functionality in both CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. In this article, we describe the improvements briefly. For more information please refer to the release posts for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor.

  • New product reviews functionality. Now reviews can include images, optional fields for advantages and disadvantages (can be disabled).
  • Order discussion moved to Message Center. After the upgrade, you’ll find all the messages about orders in the Message Center.
  • List of add-ons improved. Now it’s easier to find the add-on you need thanks to search, filters, and "favorite" add-ons and find out what the add-on does.
  • New bulk selection of objects everywhere. We have introduced a new context menu to all lists of objects in the CS-Cart admin panel. The interface is now more standardized and easier to work with.

Multi-Vendor has all the above enhancements, plus some marketplace-specific improvements:

  • Delay transfer of funds to vendors in PayPal Commerce Platform and Stripe Connect. PayPal Commerce Platform and Stripe Connect now allow you to delay the transfer of funds to vendors.
  • Connect more potential sellers to PayPal Commerce Platform. Now, you can connect vendors from any country that supports PayPal Express Checkout to PayPal Commerce Platform. Germany, in particular, was requested by many of our clients.
  • Order fulfillment by marketplace [Beta]. This new add-on handles the situation when the marketplace takes care of shipping for vendors. It suits the marketplaces that collect products from all vendors and ship those products to customers together.
  • Easier management of vendor privileges. You can now assign user groups to vendor plans. A vendor plan will give these user groups to all the administrators of the vendors who move to that plan.
  • Faster approval of new vendors. In version 4.13.1, applying vendors get access to the vendor panel immediately after registration.
  • Configuration wizard for new Multi-Vendor marketplaces. Version 4.13.1 comes with a wizard that guides you through some of the settings just in a few screens.

There are also smaller changes in the new version. See the changelog.