How to open an online store

How to open an internet store?

An internet store is the most popular option for selliing your products online, the best way to find new customers. To create your own online store you just need to complete few steps. The easiest and fastest one is to cooperate with professional companies, which will give you tools to create it. One of the best programs is CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor online store. With our help, you will set up your shop quickly and without any issues. We will import products from your old store and we will configure it, so it will make all your expectations. Start your own store in 24 hours, for 50 USD per month and start making money!

The elements needed to open an internet store are:

    • program to manage it
    • hosting for your store
    • registered domain


You can apply for fundings from European Union programs. These funds can be spent on buying online store software, hosting and domain. Our company realized many projects, that were funded by European Union to buy CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor software.

Good idea

The most important is good idea. You need to know, what will you sell. Check how often your product is sold with e-commerce software, analyse the marketplace, make SWOT analysis - define your strong and weak sides, chances and threats that can come from competition. Think about your customers and how you will reach them. Always try to be better than other companies - other kind of products, more attractive selling, promotions.

Open your own company

If you already have a company, you just need to edit PKD, that you are internet vendor. If you are opening it, you need to register it with regulations that apply in your country.

Choose sotfware for your store

The most important thing is choosing the right software. It may decide about success or fail. Check what the company offers in software, if there is no hiddens costs, how technical help looks, can you expand your software. Before you buy something, don't be afraid to ask for anything, and test software with DEMO. The best way is to buy ready-to-use software. One of these softwares is CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor. You will get internet store, prepared store layout (standard layouts that are available in store), domain, hosting (paid separately) and full technical help. SoftSolid employees can also help you during configuration of CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor and adding products. Your own internet store created with SoftSolid costs only 620 USD without tax (one-time payment) or 50 USD without tax per month. We can set up your store in 24 hours!

Buy now CS-Cart


Your store needs to have its own domain - address, that your customers will type in their browser to find your store. Domain should be short, easy to note, easy to remember and assiociated with profile of your company. To register a domain, you need to check if it is not busy, and you must use one of the companies that are registering domains. The best way is to commision it to company that sets up your store. SoftSolid deals with customer support and can also register a domain for you.


The last thing is hosting. You can buy for your store hosting with PHP support and MySQL databases, or choose internet store software of company, that also gives you hosting. Our company will tell you which hosting you should choose for CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor.

With recommendations mentioned above, you can complete your target - opening a lucrative internet store.

If you have any questions, our employees are available under +48 698 780 870 or +48 (61) 8145999. We will answer all your questions. You can also contact with us via special form.