List of built-in addons

1. HiDPI displays support (hidpi)
Support for Retina displays
2. Social buttons (social_buttons)
Adds the buttons for sharing products and pages in social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Helps social networks and messengers to display better previews for the links to your site
3. Help center (help_center)
Adds a help button with links to relevant documentation and/or videos to various pages in the admin panel.
4. PayPal payments (paypal)
Lets you accept payments via PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Pro, PayPal Standard, PayPal Advanced, and PayPal Payflow Pro.
5. Buy together [Deprecated] (buy_together)
Allows you to set up share discounts on certain product combinations
6. Tags (tags)
Enables product tags
7. RSS feed (rss_feed)
Generates RSS feeds for products and blog posts
8. Newsletters (newsletters)
Lets you configure newsletter sending
9. E-mail marketing (email_marketing)
Synchronizes your newsletter subscriber lists with MailChimp and Mad Mimi
10. Attachments (attachments)
Makes it possible to attach files to products
11. Customers also bought (customers_also_bought)
Makes it possible to create a special block for the products often purchased along with the current one
12. Advanced products import (advanced_import)
Allows you to match the fields in the imported file with the product properties. These matchings and other import settings can also be saved as presets for later use.
13. Maps and geolocation (geo_maps)
Enables Google or Yandex maps and geolocation functionality in your store.
14. Message center (vendor_communication)
Allows customers, vendors, and administrators to contact each other via the built-in chat.
15. Gift certificates (gift_certificates)
Adds a built-in gift certificate system
16. Stores and pickup points (store_locator)
Allows you to mark your physical stores on the map and offer your customers to collect orders from there, if a corresponding shipping method is configured.
17. Product Variations (product_variations)
Create products with different feature variants (for example, a different color or size), and let customers select the desired variant.
18. Google reCAPTCHA (recaptcha)
Adds the support of Google reCAPTCHA to protect your store against bots
19. Storefront REST API (storefront_rest_api)
Provides REST API entities
20. RMA (rma)
Adds a return management system
21. Bestsellers & On-Sale Products (bestsellers)
Collects best selling & on sale product data and adds block fillings to show such products
22. Blog (blog)
Lets you start your blog easily
23. SEO (seo)
Adds Search engine-friendly URLs support
24. Reward points (reward_points)
Lets customers earn and spend points for purchases
25. Google Analytics (google_analytics)
Integrates a Google Analytics service with the store
26. Facebook Pixel (facebook_pixel)
Integrates a Facebook Pixel with the store
27. Call requests (call_requests)
Adds the "Buy now with one click" and "Request call" buttons
28. Form builder (form_builder)
Lets you create custom forms (e.g. Contact us)
29. Order barcode (barcode)
Makes it possible to configure and attach barcodes to orders
30. Polls (polls)
Adds a possibility to add customized polls to the site
31. Access restrictions (access_restrictions)
Lets you limit storefront and administrator area access to certain IP-addresses with different options
32. Banners management (banners)
Allows you to create text and visual banners
33. Comments and reviews (discussion)
Lets customers leave comments to categories, pages, etc., review vendors and write testimonials
34. Watermarks (watermarks)
Allows you to add watermarks to product and category images
35. Wish List (wishlist)
Lets customers store items in personal wish lists
36. Google sitemap (google_sitemap)
Creates a sitemap.xml for Google
37. Image zoom (image_zoom)
Shows zoomed image on product image hover
38. Required products (required_products)
Makes it possible to specify products required for purchase
39. Data feeds (data_feeds)
Makes it possible to create product data feeds in CSV
40. Price list (price_list)
Generates configurable price list in PDF or XLS
41. Janrain (janrain)
Adds the Social Login feature; allows customers use Facebook, Twitter, etc. to log in on the store
42. GraphQL API (graphql_api)
Provides administrators and vendors with the ability to manage products via GraphQL API endpoint
43. Catalog mode (catalog_mode)
Allows you to use the store as a product catalog
44. Social login (hybrid_auth)
Adds the Social Login feature; allows customers use Facebook, Twitter, etc. to log in on the store
45. My changes (my_changes)
A dummy add-on for easier hook design editing
46. Techical support chat (tech_support_chat)
Adds live chat with the technical support team int the Administration panel
47. PDF Documents (pdf_documents)
Handles the generation of all PDF files. We offer it as a free service and generate PDFs on our own server WITHOUT keeping any data.
48. Anti fraud (anti_fraud)
Adds configurable security order verification using the Maxmind service to prevent fraud
49. Multi-Vendor Plus Functionality (mve_plus)
Enables the functionality available only in the Multi-Vendor Plus edition.
50. Vendor data premoderation (vendor_data_premoderation)
Lets you pre-moderate vendors activity
51. Vendor's terms and conditions (vendor_terms)
Allows vendors to specify terms and conditions that the customers must agree with when buying from those vendors
52. Vendor plans (vendor_plans)
Create plans with different restrictions and prices for your vendors
53. Vendor-to-admin payments (vendor_debt_payout)
Restricts the functionality of vendors' admin panels under certain conditions and enables your vendors to pay their fees and debts from their admin panel dashboards. It is as easy as purchasing a product from the storefront.
54. Vendor Privileges (vendor_privileges)
Allows you to create user groups for vendors' administrators.
55. Client tiers (client_tiers)
Automatically assigns and removes customer's user group depending on money spent. Allows you to rank your customers (for example, bronze, silver, gold customers).
56. Organizations and representatives [Beta] (organizations)
Allows your customers to create organizations (legal entities). An organization can have multiple customer accounts associated with it. They act as representatives of the organization.
57. Add products to cart in bulk (bulk_add_to_cart)
Allows customers to quickly add a large number of products to the cart from the catalog.
58. Price list for customers (customer_price_list)
Allows customers to download a price list either with all the products, or with the products in their cart.
59. Google export (google_export)
Expands the Data Feeds add-on to work with Google Base and creates an example of such data feed
60. Warehouses (warehouses)
Lets you set product stock separately for each store and warehouse. Shows to customers the availability of a product in stores or in particular rate areas.
61. Mobile application (mobile_app)
Configure your mobile app for Android and iOS, download the config, and send it to us via Help Desk. We'll build and publish the app; for a fee, we can put you as the app developer. With access to the source code, you can publish the app yourself.
62. Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments (direct_payments)
Changes the checkout process: customers pay to each vendor separately, and the money from orders goes straight to vendors. Vendors can also set up their own payment methods and promotions.
63. Suppliers (suppliers)
Adds supplier assignment support to products
64. GDPR Compliance (EU) (gdpr)
Helps you to comply with GDPR (a European Union regulation on personal data) by showing customers info about their personal data, asking their consent for its processing, and by offering ways to delete or export personal data.
65. Vendor panel configurator (vendor_panel_configurator)
Simplifies the vendor panel by showing vendors only the fields and menus that they need to see.
66. Back-End Sign-In via Google (backend_google_auth)
Replaces the standard back-end sign-in mechanism with authentication via Google accounts.
67. Vendor locations [Beta] (vendor_locations)
Allows vendors to specify their addresses, so that customers can see distance to vendors and filter products and vendors by their locations.
68. MYOB (myob)
Adds the MYOB integration
69. Vendor rating (vendor_rating)
Allows you to rank vendors in the store using multi-critiera rating.
70. Product bundles (product_bundles)
Allows you to create product bundles and set up discounts for them.
71. PayPal Commerce Platform (paypal_commerce_platform)
This add-on will help root store administrators to distribute funds automatically among multiple vendors through PayPal.
72. Vendor plans: Commissions by category (vendor_categories_fee)
Allows you to set the transaction fees that vendors must pay for selling products from specific categories.
73. SMS notifications (sms_notifications)
Allows you to set up administrator SMS order notifications
74. BillriantPay payments (onekpay)
Lets you accept payments via BillriantPay.
75. Pay360 payments (pay360)
Allows you to accept payments via Pay360
76. Payments by country (payments_by_country)
Show or hide payment methods depending on the country
77. Alpha bank payments (alpha_bank)
Allows you to accept payments via Alpha bank
78. Divido payments (divido)
Lets customers spread the cost of any purchase over a period of time while the merchant gets paid in full right away.
79. Ping++ Payments (pingpp)
Lets you accept payments via Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, Fqlpay, Baifubao, Yeepay, Jdpay and QGBC
80. Stripe Connect payments (stripe_connect)
This add-on will help root store administrators to distribute funds automatically among multiple vendors through Stripe.
81. Stripe payments (stripe)
Lets you accept payments via Stripe.
82. Quickbooks (quickbooks)
Integrates the Quickbooks accounting software with the store
83. Re:plain Telegram chat (replain)
Allows you to add Telegram chat to your storefront
84. Order fulfillment by marketplace (order_fulfillment)
Allows you to offer vendor plans where the marketplace handles shipping for vendors and retains the shipping fees.
85. Product reviews (product_reviews)
Allows your customers to leave reviews for products. That can build up trust, provide social proof, and add user-generated content to your site.
86. Searchanise (searchanise)
Turns on the Searchanise fast search service
87. Landing pages from Tilda (tilda_pages)
Allows you to link landing pages from Tilda to your site in a few clicks.
88. Age verification (age_verification)
Toggles age restriction rules for products and categories
89. Common Products for Vendors (master_products)
Allows you to create a single product base: vendors choose which of the existing products they sell.
90. Payment dependencies (payment_dependencies)
Assign payment methods to shipping methods