We're offering trainings about management of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor store.

Trainings can take place in our office, through skype or other training tool and in customer's selected location. Trainings are covering topics for both CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor . Trainings are about store management, changing store appearance, writing extensions to program, individual trainings with practical elements on live stores, during which we're showing how to complete tasks related to daily routine of order and customer management. Our trainings are suitable for groups on all levels of knowledge about CS-Cart.

Our offer is addressed to both individual customers, and companies which want to use full potential of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. Our trainings are organized in our office, through Skype, or in other place selected by customer.

Training costs:
a) Costs of travel there and back to the place of training (in case of training outside our office)
b) $90/h without tax for each started hour of instructor's training (if purchasing more than 6h -  $75/h)
c) cost of accomodation – if training (including travel) will take more than one day (in case of training outside our office)
d) Max 2 persons per training session in our office, in other cases any amount of students that allows effective training

Training programs:

Administrative and selling management of CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor

Program details:

  • Showcase of CS-Cart administration panel, access rights, defining administrators and giving them rights to certain parts of panel.
  • Basics of the system: creating categories, products, pages and orders.
  • Product options, options combinations, combinations codes and inventory.
  • Product variants, creating options from features, grouping products.
  • Featuring products, building filters based on features, setting up blocks with filters.
  • Promotions on catalog and cart, discount codes, discount groups, auto-generating discount codes.
  • Store configuration for adjusting it to invididual needs.
  • Configuration of Google Analytics, Google Merchant and Google Recaptcha, creating product feeds to increase sales.
  • Customer data management, configuring GDPR settings, access to customer data and its compliance with GDPR.
  • Configuration of e-mail sending, managing statuses of orders, shippings, configuring messages sent to customers.
  • Gift certificates, reward points, RMA - effective management of customer-store relation.
  • Logging in through social media, admin login through Google.

Multi-Vendor only:

  • Master products, how do they work, sharing products, assigning products to vendors.
  • Vendor plans, effective management, commission settings, category commissions (only MV PLUS and ULTIMATE)

Programming and development of add-ons in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Program details:

  • Explanation of structure of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor systems, topology of catalog tree, localization of the most important parts of program
  • MVC in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, controllers and their role, main core files and their structure, namespaces.
  • Smarty templates, extensions, placement in directories and definitions used in files.
  • Add-ons structure, configuration files, role of add-on structures, tools used to create and upgrade add-ons.
  • Schemes of add-ons 3.0 oand 4.0. Differences in add-ons created for CS-Cart and for Multi-Vendor.
  • Access rights to functions, defining access, restricting actions users can execute.
  • API CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, managing access to API, generating API keys, expanding standard API in add-ons.
  • Creating first add-ons, development of functionalities, logic of data flow, database structure, action during installing and uninstalling add-on.