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Extenstion to Multi-Vendor allows creating promotions with vendor conditions. Add-on also allows vendors to create their own promotions.

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Extenstion to Multi-Vendor allows creating promotions with vendor conditions. Add-on also allows vendors to create their own promotions.

We start from installing an extension:

Add-on configuration contains three tabs. Tab "General" contains basic configuration options, each described with a tooltip.

Tabs "Conditions" and "Bonuses" allow blocking vendor access to conditions and bonuses in promotions. This way, we can restrict vendors what kind of promotions they can create.

In vendor plan configuration it is possible to block access to promotion creation for vendors assigned to this plan. This way, we can encourage vendors to use plans which enable this functionality.

Add-on adds new conditions and bonuses, which interact with vendors and their products in cart. All conditions and bonuses added by this add-on start with a tag [PVEN].

The most important promotion condition is "Vendor(s) products in cart" - this condition is used as a base for other conditions. It contains a list of vendors, to which promotion applies to.

Below there are two examples of promotions that can be created in this add-on.

The first example is a simple cart promotion - in conditions we define list of vendors, and condition checking whether sum of products of those vendors in cart is higher than 100.

In promotion bonuses we define a discount for those vendors' products equal to 50%.

Second promotion uses similar conditions - list of two vendors, and condition for sum of their products being greater than 100.

Bonus gives vendors defined in condition (in that case "Simtech" and "ACME Corp") free Poczta Polska shipping.

After adding products to the cart, promotion has been applied - Poczta Polska shipping is free, while Courier shipping is paid.

We invite you to shopping!

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