CS-Cart Ultimate program for online sales, online store builder, multiple storefronts, warehouse system

2023-11-28 13:12
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CS-Cart Ultimate is the perfect solution for any online business, from a small store to a large market. With CS-Cart Ultimate you can run any number of stores managed from one administration panel. The number of storefronts in CS-Cart Ultimate is unlimited. You can create any number of stores without any additional costs. You also have access to the mobile application that will allow you to manage stores from your mobile device. Everything you need for quick start and dynamic development is here. CS-Cart Ultimate also has a modern, eye-catching look. You can use one of the built-in graphic themes or create your own.

Licence to CS-Cart Ultimate is unlimited,

the fee for the program is one-time payment.


When you buy CS-Cart Ultimate, you will get:



We invite you to see the possibilites of CS-Cart Ultimate:


Advanced product variations

CS-Cart gives you powerful tool to control products: creating product variations, managing their prices, images, stocks and weight modifiers.
Product variations are basing on features. You can generate all possible combinations of product variations, so customers will be able to adjust it to their needs. If any variation of the product is unavailable, just disable it.

Returns managament (RMA)

After shopping, customer can easily return a product or file a complaint. Managing complaints is easy and intuitive.

You do not need multiple phone calls to resolve one return.

Advanced promotions system

Easily create special offers targeted for your customers. Each offer can be adjusted to certain case and directed to selected group of customers.

You can create promotions for product calalog, or ones that activate in customer's cart.

Adjust your store

Use built-in graphic editon to alter store background, color, fonts and many more.

Choose one of the pre-made templates or create your own. No need to learn HTML or CSS!

200+ beautiful themes

Change appearance of your store with pre-made themes, easy to install and activate in CS-Cart panel.

CS-Cart Marketplace offers over 200 ready-to-work, beautiful themes.

Adjust store to mobile devices

Each blok in the store can be moved, changed or deleted. You have full control over your store layout.

You can also disable certain blocks for selected devices, so you can display ex. different banners for customers using smartphones and computers.

Quick order placement

Use new form of order placement and increase sales in your store!

Instead of passing through four steps of order placement, customer inputs his address, shipping method and payment method on one page.

New order placement form is also dully customizable - you can change the order of the fields or remove some of them completely.


Access rights for administrators

CS-Cart gives you full control over access rights for administrators.

You can freely change access for each administrator, which increases safety, decreases risk of making a mistake, and simplifies work with admin panel.

Each group of administrators can have his own set of rights, with ability to set them into read-only mode.

Logging through social media

Shorten the customers shopping process by allowing them to log in through social media platofrms.

CS-Cart supports logging in through most popular services, like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.



Create your own blog in store!

In blog, you can post things related to your company's business, or inform about promotion and new products in your store.

You can publish link to your blog in social media, to increase interest for your store.

Logging to administration panel through Google

Increase safety of your store, using advanced authentication mechanisms provided by Google.

All administrators will be able to log into administration panel using their Google accounts, without need to use any additional passwords.


Access to store API

Use API of your CS-Cart store to automatize working with administration panel, or to integrate your store with external applications.

Through API you can execute any operations possible through admin panel - download and modify products, change order statuses, create new administrators.

Every store administrator can have API access active or disabled. We also have an add-on which enables precise modifying API access for each administrator: Learn more

Store compliance with GDPR

Use agreements available in CS-Cart, to prepare all documents related to personal data processing, necessary to obey the rules defined in GDPR.

You can freely modify text of each agreement, so it will be compliant with current law.


Stores and pick-up points location

Let your customers pick-up their products, instead of sending it to them!

During shipping method configuration, you can define locations from which customer can select one where he wants to pick-up his product.

You can type locations manually or use Google Maps widget. You'll need development key to use Google Maps API.

Buy together

Encourage your customer to shop in your store by creating sets of products.

Customer will get a discount if he'll purchase all products from set. Discount and sets can be configured in administration panel, during product creation.

You can discount each product separately, or give discount for entire set. It can be percent or flat.



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