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Extension to Multi-Vendor allows creating filters for vendors. This way, we can create any filters which make searching for certain vendor easier.

Before installing add-on, make sure that user connecting database with store has rights to create and delete views (CREATE VIEW, DELETE VIEW).

We start from installing an extension:

Add-on configuration allows enabling special sort for vendors and defines configuration of category filter:

Properties of vendors filters are defined on special list:

Four filters are available by default, but you can add any filters you want (if parameter has a dedicated column in database):

Below we can see creating filter by vendor country:

Filtering vendors bases on normal filters. A special hidden category is created, which contains vendors records:

Vendors list contains two options of generating filters:

On list of vendors in marketplace, a special box appears which allows filtering vendors:

Choosing a filter displayes vendor matching the criteria:

Add-on also allows creating custom filters. Below we see an example of creating filter based on vendor plan.

Every field has its meaning:

- Feature name - name of filter which will be displayed in frontend.

- Field or list of fields - fields in database which will be used by filters. In table companies, there's a field called plan_id, containing ID of vendor plan.

- Feature code - internal name of filter. Not visible in frontend.

- Reference table - name of table which contains additional information about field. Table vendor_plan_descriptions contains names of vendor plans.

- Key in table: link between table companies and reference table. In this case, both contain field plan_id.

- Field with data: field in reference table, which contains additional information. Field plan contains names of vendor plans.

- Feature type: because each vendor can have only one vendor plan, we select "Feature single".


After saving & re-generating filters, a new filter has appeared on vendors page.

It is also possible to select certain profile fields to be displayed on vendor list. This allows you to highlight important information about vendors, like their city or phone number.


The list of vendors can be displayed in 2 or 3 column setup, and size of logos can be adjusted in add-on configuration.



Add-on also allows filtering vendors by any profile field - also the one added by administrator. All types of fields are supported - as an example we create profile field "District", with three variants.

Next we add record to fields list. To make filter working properly, field "Feature code" must be equal to name of profile field, and "Feature type" must be set to "Profile field".

After saving record and refreshing filter, you're able to filter vendor by their selected district.

It is also possible to filter vendors by custom tables, which do not exist by default in Multi-Vendor. If table has company_id and lang_code columns, filter can be set exactly in the same way as for default Multi-Vendor tables.

Add-on makes finding vendors faster and allows navigating between vendors.


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