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  • UNTIL 17th JULY 2023, 23:59
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Multi-Vendor UNLIM
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Marketplace systems functionalities
Registration and user profile
Users, both sellers and buyers, have to register on Marketplace platform. They create their own accounts and fill necessary information, like contact data, preferences and payment info.
Search and browse
Buyers can browse vendor offers on the platform. They can search for products or services, using categories, keywords and other filters. Marketplace provides tools enabling offer comparison of different vendors, and checking their ratings.
Orders and payments
After finding interesting product or service, customers can place an order. Payment for order can be handled by various payment methods, like credit cards, quick transfers or bank transfers, in order to simplify transactions. Payments can be automatically split between vendors and Marketplace owners.
Tracking and delivery
After an order is placed, vendor is responsible for delivering product or providing service. Marketplace can enable order tracking functionalities, which let customers track the packages and receive notifications.
Ratings and opinions
After transaction is completed, customers can rate the vendors or their products on the platform. Those opinions help customers make a conscious choice and build trust with vendors.
Multi-Vendor UNLIM
  • Marketplace is a platform or physical space, which allows buying and selling products between different vendors and customers. Platform provides infrastructure and tools enabling exchange of products and services.
    Marketplace may be different depending on the industry they function in. There's a lot of general platforms, which are selling varied products, and specialized ones which are focused on selected products, like fashion, technology, or freelancing services.
    Important aspects of Marketplace are security of transactions, managing payments, solving disputes between buyers and sellers, and providing transparency of the platform. Marketplaces often take commission from each sale or other kind of payment from vendors, in exchange for access to infrastructure and services.
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