How we work





In our daily work we use Atlassian tools. Every addon or project is saved in out GIT repository, where it is developed by our specialists. We know about all changes in code and we can take care of the highest quality of our products. We give warranty on our addons and we do everything possible to make them safe and updated.





Every idea, task or mistake is put into JIRA system connected synergically with BitBucket. Every idea is discussed and all conclusions from meetings are saved in Confluence.






To develop our addons and projects we use SCRUM method, that is supported by JIRA. Sprints are exactly planned and compatible with plans of developing addons and projects. After each sprint, a retrospective is created to make further works better and more effective.






Each change in our GIT repositories is verified by reviewers. Each commit before merging is checked by functionalities and code quality. We want our code to be highest quality, transparent, functional and well-commented.






Before starting project, in Confluence we define assumptions, required functionalities and tools that will be need to develop project.



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