CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate available now!

by Robert Diak

Multi-Vendor Ultimate - Multi-Vendor software for large marketplace systems

Multi-Vendor Ultimate is the most advanced version of Multi-Vendor software. It contains alll functionalities of Multi-Vendor Plus and four new, available only for Ultimate:

  • creating multiple storefronts
  • mobile app with open source code
  • 1 year of technical support with highest priority
  • lifetime subscription of updates

What is Multi-Vendor?

Multi-Vendor is a specialist software for managing marketplace online. Software is very easy to use: just install it on server and program is ready to work. Right now there are three versions of Multi-Vendor available:

  • Multi-Vendor is a basic version for smaller businesses. Contains all functionalities necessary for opening and managing marketplace.
  • Multi-Vendor Plus extends basic version by 7 new functionalities. This version is suited for bigger businesses.
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate is the most extended version of software with exclusive functionalities. It is created for large companies and corporations.

Check comparision table for more details.


New functionalities of Multi-Vendor Ultimate

Multi-Vendor Ultimate contains 4 functionalities, which are not available in other versions:

1. Multiple storefronts. Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows you creating multiple storefronts on different domains and control them from one panel. Each vendor can have his own storefront, or multiple vendors can use one storefront. This lets you easily group vendors and create separate marketplace systems with different products, like electronics or apparel.

2. One year of VIP technical support. If you'll have any questions or you'll meet with an error, our technical support will treat your case with highest priorirty. Technical support is paid, but Ultimate gives you full one year of support for free. Standard and Plus editions receive 90 days.

3. Lifetime updates. Regular updates of software are very important, to be able to access security fixes and new functionalities, like one-step checkout. Multi-Vendor and Multi-Vendor Plus users receive one year of updates for free, and later they need to pay yearly subscription of updates. Ultimate license gives you lifetime updates for free.

4. Access to mobile app source code. 79% of customers buys in internet stores using mobile devices, and 40% of them does not complete purchase because of non-intuitive store interface. It is important to give customer mobile app, which will allows them to shop in your store. Multi-Vendor Ultimate gives you not only mobile app, but also its source code, so you will be able to adjust it to your needs.