CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.11.4 now available!

May 18, 2020

We have released CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.11.4. It is a patch release, so it includes bug fixes and small improvements. The full list of changes is in the documentation, so we’ll only cover the most important changes here.

Changes to Multi-Vendor

- You can now edit mobile application texts from the admin panel. Multi-Vendor Plus and Ultimate come with mobile apps for customers and vendors. Now, these apps take their texts from your marketplace. You can edit the texts in the Mobile Application add-on, on the Translations tab. New mobile apps get this feature by default. And if you already have a mobile app, getting that functionality is simple—upgrade to version 4.11.4 and ask us to release a new version of your app.

- New “Moderation” menu added. If you use the Vendor Data Premoderation add-on, you’ll now have a quick way to find what products and vendors require your approval.

- Vendors now use the default logo of the marketplace by default. Previously, if a vendor didn’t submit a logo, the logo of the theme would have been used. This bug has been fixed in 4.11.4.

- Multi-Vendor Ultimate now has a new add-on: Payments by Country. It allows you to show or hide a payment method, depending on the country that the customer has selected. It comes in handy for large marketplaces that work all over the world.

Common Changes

- JSON-LD markup was added for products. Google recommends JSON-LD over the other Schema.org markup formats. Some of our clients reported that JSON-LD increases the chances of Google to display more data about the product next to it in the search results.

- REST API was added for managing product variations. This change is mostly interesting for third-party developers. It will allow them to develop software that can manage variations and variation groups.

- More information on the customer editing page. Previously, it included only the number of orders, paid orders, and total spendings. Now it also includes registration date and the dates of the first and last order. That way, you get a better idea about this customer.

- References to widget mode removed from the interface. The widget mode was a tool that allowed you to embed a store into another site. However, that functionality wasn’t widely used, so we decided to phase it out and focus on other aspects of the software. If you had a widget embedded somewhere, it won’t stop working after the upgrade. But the widget code won’t be displayed anywhere in the interface.

- The product search on the storefront was improved. It now looks for all words instead of the exact match. This way, it’s more likely that the search results will include the right product.

- Searchanise now supports 2 more add-ons. Searchanise is a cloud search that can do much more than CS-Cart’s built-in search. But previously, Searchanise couldn’t work with 2 important add-ons: Product Variations and Common Products for Vendors. This has been fixed in version 4.11.4.

The upgrades to version 4.11.4 are already available. As usual, for the first couple of weeks after the release we hand out upgrade packages in limited numbers, but then we lift that restriction. So if you don’t see this upgrade in your Upgrade Center yet, please try again later.